Friday, July 9, 2010

Landing on our feet (sort least for now)

As I write this, we are staying at an absolutely beautiful marina resort in Gorge Harbour on Cortes Island. This is my kind of boating. There is a gorgeous pool, spectacular hot tub overlooking the ocean, store, firepits stocked with huge logs ready to be lit. Nevermind that we are surrounded by four storey American behemoth soon as we walk away from the Pacific Pride we are the same as anyone else.

I shouldn't slag the boat because I am starting to feel a real affection for her. We have been very comfortable snuggled into our cozy cabins at the end of our full days. I only wish that anchoring wasn't such an unknown commodity. Eric has had a couple of sleepless nights standing guard over us to ensure that we aren't dashed to bits on the rocks. Oh, and this pesky water in the diesel problem that has us checking the engine every twenty minutes or so when underway. Other than that...

We had great couple of days exploring Manson's Landing and now that we are here, we might stay a couple of days. Beyond that, we aren't sure. I just know that I am happy to log a few hours right here by the pool, as long as Lukey can stop himself from diving into the pool unobserved and unaided...look at the third picture down. That's Eric about thirty seconds after he saved his little life. He only spent about ten seconds floundering the pool before being rescued, but a valuable lesson was learned. By all of us. Better that he stay in his happy place watching the float planes land like in the second picture down.

As for me, I'll stay right here in my happy place...poolside with a book.

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