Thursday, July 29, 2010

E- Under to over confident in no time at all

Back from our trip and enjoying this perfect, rain-free July! Les has been busy writing every day while the girls have been going to camp in Point Roberts. They have tie-dyed shirts, planted community gardens, made seed bombs and washed cars. Today, in celebration of the last day of camp, we (Lucas and I came) walked about three kilometers from Maple beach to Lily Point over the sand flats and had lunch on the sand.

We've fallen into the familiar summer life with lots of ice creams on hot afternoons, watersides at Splashdown, backyard slip and slides, sprinkler on the trampoline, inflatable pool on the deck, time in the hammock and some late, late nights.

Luc rode a two wheeled pedal bike for the first time today. Despite the fact that he has had the balance skills for a long time, he hasn't wanted to move off of the like-a-bike. In fact he was in tears thinking about trying the pedal bike because he was convinced he would fall. When he finally decided to try it, Luc was instantly successful at doing it on his own. Ten minutes later he was riding around the parking lot unsupervised asking if we could go back to Vancouver so he could pedal the Sea wall.

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