Saturday, July 3, 2010

E- The slow boat to Desolation

The Albin is not fast....but it is sure and steady and feels like it (I guess I should say She to make it sound like I know some mariner talk) can keep going a long like it is. Keeping our fingers crossed on that one.

Bryan and I headed off yesterday from Point Roberts with little experience but high hopes for success. I feel like the best way to get experience and overcome any discomfort I may have is to go out and really get immersed in the boating world. So, with just one short trip under our belts we are on our way to Desolation sound, a 190 kilometer journey that will take us more than 16 hours. Did I mention that the boat isn't fast?

I am currently writing from a beautiful sunny spot on the back deck. We are just off the coast of Qualicum beach and are headed planning to spend the night somewhere around Hornby Island.

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Anonymous said...

Eric, are you sure you want to use the word "immersed" when speaking of ANY boating experience?! ;)

Good luck and wishes for calm waters and warm winds for you guys.