Saturday, July 24, 2010

E- Sucia

With Les in constant writing mode, I decided to head out with the kids for a night to Sucia Island. The marine park island is only about 2 hours from Point Roberts, so there was plenty of light even though we didn't leave until 5:30pm.  Not surprising for the Friday of a long weekend, all the docks and mooring buoys were taken, forcing me to practice anchoring solo in a tight bay....which I am pretty sure provided some good entertainment for those already secured for the night because my anchor kept slipping in the mud.....and I still don't really know what I am doing. 
Leaving Point Roberts

Walk at sunset

Saturday morning island exploration

Molly proved a good enough paddler for us not to row the dinghy in circles as we went to explore the island at sunset. This morning we went on a three kilometer route that took us to a couple of beaches and campgrounds before circumnavigating the island and returning home in time for dinner.

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