Monday, July 19, 2010

E- Meeting Stick

 I played with Jeremy at UBC when we were both 18 years old and I last saw him when I was probably 20.  His nickname at the time was "stick" and yet he recently weighed in at 285 pounds.  However, something about his mannerisms made me recognize him from across the beach on Cortes Island, even when I couldn't see his face. Our chance meeting turned into a great evening reconnecting and meeting each other's families.

Jeremy, without knowing it, had a big impact on my life.  When he failed out of  UBC in 1993, his absence provided me the opportunity I needed to become a starter who was depended upon for the team's success....and I made the most of this opportunity. Things may have gone quite differently for me at UBC and beyond if Jeremy had returned for third year.

Ironically, Jeremy is now a school principal (apparently quite an interesting job on Cortes) and finishing his doctorate in education.
Dinner with the Morrow's
And dessert too!

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