Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BBQ and Soccer in Hirm

One of the challenges of leaving your regular life for a month of holidaying around Europe is the real-life things that continue to need your attention back home. Eric and I found a somewhat happy middle ground of doing a bit of work every couple of days while on the move. 

It's easiest to do when you are somewhere for a few days...and when the people who are kind enough to host you have a lovely space for you to work in. It was great being a Lisi and Manfred's because we managed to get a lot done and have a lot of fun, too. It felt like being at home. 

We spent the morning in Manfred's office, which is attached to their house and has a beautiful outdoor space. That's my kind of office.

After a great day of hanging out around our new second home, we headed over to our friend Erwin's for a BBQ. Like Luki, Erwin was one of the young players on the team when Eric played here...we think of those guys as 18 years olds, but in the years since we have seen them they have grown into men. Men with houses and who make amazing dinners of ribs and potato salad.

While Erwin BBQ'd, the kids went for a swim in the beautiful natural pool in Erwin's yard. One half is lily pads and other plants, the other half is for swimming.

The sun was shining (actually, it was a super, super hot day) and the smells filling the air were incredible. We even had the Eurocup game to look forward to...and Austria was playing.

We also got to meet Erwin's soon-to-be wife, Eva, who is absolutely lovely. Lucky Erwin.

Dinner was great. The company was fact the only thing that wasn't great was watching Austria lose in soccer.

Erwin and Eva have a hover board, which was a huge hit with the kids...I watched with my heart in my throat as they "hovered" around Erwin's house (hopefully without damaging anything valuable). They took turns practicing circles, balance and speed.

When we went to tour Erwin's rubber factory the hover board came with us...the tour was great and the kids learned a lot and asked some good questions. Most of all, Eric and I were happy to see a good friend enjoying a great life.

And I was happy we got away from there with no broken bones, furniture or anything else. We won't be buying a hover board anytime soon...

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