Tuesday, June 7, 2016

E- Griswalds hit Europe

Bumping up against a firm June 6th deadline for all projects and proposals I've been working on has meant a busy spring for me.

Making up 8 extra shifts at the firehall, throwing a few year-end basketball parties , moving completely out of our home in Vancouver, and getting an IKEA kitchen designed and delivered to Point Roberts hasn't eased the time crunch either.

However, we managed to get it all done and hit the airport with time to kill eating some Chinese food before our red-eye to London. 

The Airbus A380 was massive...the legroom tiny of course...but we did manage to get about 2 hours sleep. 

We packed pretty light with only two checked bags, which both made it through the Bermuda Triangle that so often exists at Heathrow. The rental car company in Paris upgraded our compact car to a diesel wagon which is almost identical to what we drive back home...so it was a great start to the trip. 

Driving from Charles De Gaulle airport to our home for the next 3 nights in Versailles took us through the middle of Paris. The kids were remarkably disappointed in Paris as we drove in from the North in the area by Gare Du Nord. It took about 10 minutes more driving south for their groans to turn to gasps as we hit the right bank, Notre Dame...and then up the Champs De Élysées shown here. 

With nothing but airplane food in our stomachs for the last 20 hours...but not wanting to keep our Air BnB host awake longer than necessary, we decided to grab some snacks on the run at Monoprix. It wasn't a classy first meal, but the kids loved the Orangina, Pain Chocolate and little caramel wafers enough to make it a good end to the day. 

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