Friday, September 13, 2019

Day 11

I am really happy to be blogging again, but I have set myself a trigger to remember to do it each night. I've told myself I am not allowed to pick up my phone in bed and mindlessly flip through stupid stuff until I have blogged. Funny thing, though. At the end of the day when I am tired and ready to call it a night...I want to pick up my phone and mindlessly flip through stupid stuff. So it can feel a little disappointing to put the stupid stuff aside and pick up the computer instead.

Until I remember why I am doing this. It is its own reward (said in a super cheezy way...I wish I could insert the audio on how this sounds in my head).

Update on the campers...I have no idea how they are doing, but I can tell you that there must have been eight hours straight of bucketing rain today. For Lukey's group, I can honestly say I am feeling more sorry for the adults that are stuck with 100+ Grade 8 boys with cabin fever. I am sure they kids are having a blast. For Finny though, that is some relentless cold and wet on a remote mountaintop. Yuck. It will be one of those trips that is memorable and hindsight.

As for our only child, she has been living it up with the other away. We didn't do anything special today, but she does seem to be enjoying the life of the singleton.

We did facemasks
 She is just straight up good company. Is it weird to feel like the company of another person is almost like being alone (because you feel so comfortable and familiar), but also super enjoyable at the same time?

It was a good day for another reason...our appliances arrived!

They aren't hooked up, but they are in the building!

And we end each night lately with a midnight visit from Ernie. Here is your dose of cuteness (if Molly and I in mud masks wasn't enough for you)...Ernie crawling through a roll of toilet paper.

He's pretty darn cute...and when he is out of the cage, he smells okay, too!

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