Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Day 3...woohoo!

Well, the swing of things feels a little rough. Maybe because we are not really in the swing...?

Our house is ripped up. We don't have a kitchen and the rest of the main floor is also empty. We are living (poorly) out of bedrooms. It was irritating, but with school going back it may have slipped into the dysfunctional stage. I am tired of drinking coffee out of red solo cups. And we have rotated one spoon through our family all summer long. We are done. We need appliances and cupboards full of food. We need Domino's to forget our address for a while.

In the meantime, Molly's timetable is messed up, Lukey put in most of a real day of school (tomorrow will be his first real high school classes) and Finny had volleyball tryouts. We are exhausted tonight. Routine is tiring when you aren't used to it.

Overheard today as Lukey headed into the senior school for the first time, walking with Nick Hart, "Nick, do you know how to work your combination lock?". "I am okay if I have the paper in front of me," said Nick. "I don't even need the paper," said Lukey. Find confidence where you can. And when you can, because tomorrow is rugby practice and that might be a wee challenge.

Well, buddy, you didn't have a backpack (you used mine), a computer (you used mine), a pencil case, or an eraser. But you had those combination locks down. May all your locks open smoothly. Have a great five years, kid.

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