Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Day 9 and all is fine

Early start with Finny off to camp. The forecast for Garibaldi remains snow for most of the week, so she was a little apprehensive about cold. She even switched sleeping bags at the last minute with Lukey.

I hope she is somewhere warm right now. Maybe she will have gotten her temperature up by carrying her 20 lbs of snacks up the mountain. Fingers crossed that there are no critters excited by her array of junk.

The saga of Molly's timetable continues. I continue to have daily phone calls with the school. While I have enjoyed getting to know the Grade 12 counsellor (sounds sarcastic, but it really isn't...she's lovely!), we could really do without the unnecessary stress of the start to the school year. At least I can say Byng Arts has stayed consistent. Very much looking forward to putting the whole thing behind us.

After school, we headed over to the Steenburghs' for their KidSport fundraiser of a street party with a Triple O's food truck. As much as we have had lots of conversations about the frustrations of trying to make teams for the Cobras and losing some good players to other clubs, it is nice to remember that for some awesome kids, like Ella, making the Cobras brought tears to her eyes.

So much work to do this week, it's crazy. Lukey is off too camp tomorrow (Camp Squeah by Hope), so it will be just Molly until Friday. Sending wishes for good weather for both those campers!

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