Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Day 8...was great! Well, comparatively.

Monday morning. Fresh slate...woohoo!

Guess what? Everyone was at school ON TIME! Guess what? They all had all their stuff. Oh, wait...I was just typing that and it wasn't quite true. On time, yes. With everything, yes. But we did turn back once. I'm looking at you, Finny. She forgot her whole outtrip backpack. Not too sure how that is possible. You should see how big it is.

I did not cry today. That breaks my streak of a few days. That my friends, is what they call progress.

Worked all day and even managed lunch with my husband. Finny, Lukey and I went to Solly's for an after school/after activity (volleyball and rugby) snack. Back in the day, that was a little knish in a bag. Now a days, they eat multiple bagels each. And a cinnamon bun. 

The jury is still out on rugby. Lukey doesn't understand the rules. This makes it quite challenging to play. His mother would like him to wear one of those head protectors. It is more than likely that a kid wearing on of those would be targeted for destruction. It would be like sending him out in one of these:

I wonder if those come in a youth large?

Lukey had his first house hockey practice in five years...apparently pretty fun. And the kids and Eric came home to me with a dinner package from my mum. Because she loves me and takes good care of me. Pasta, a toasted bun, peaches, a fork and a napkin. Have I ever felt so loved???

So, the week is looking up.

Finny is off to Garibaldi tomorrow and seems relatively prepared. They are only calling for a bit of snow. No, really. And lightning. And Lukey leaves for a much more comfortable camp on Wednesday. One kid family...? What will we do??

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