Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Day 16

The highlight of today (although not a bad day, all in all :) was crocheting with my Moo from 7-9 today at Three Bags Full. Mum got this as a gift for us. We got to leave behind the rest of the family in their own flurry of dinner and mayhem. We hopped in the car and entered the tranquility of wool lined walls and the most mellow playlist available on Spotify. 

It is was pouring rain on Main Street outside, so it felt like a warm little oasis. Even the crochet came pretty easily (for both of us!) and it was really nice after very full days of using my brain to challenge it to do something totally different. 

Here's my first attempt. I felt pretty good about it.

Molly and I weren't too sure about the crochet crowd, but we will reserve judgement (or at least, I will...Molly is pretty judgy). Now I get to look forward to three more Tuesdays with my Molly. And that's a treat.

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