Sunday, September 15, 2019

Day 13

Real grown ups don’t sleep in. For real. Every morning that we don’t have to get up, Eric and I stir and usually ask, “Are you awake?” And it is like, 7:00. What the heck? I’m tired. I go to bed late (like right now). It just doesn’t work anymore.

It was a treat to come downstairs today and make coffee in THE KITCHEN. Because kitchen coffee is more appealing than bathroom coffee.

We took Lukey to practice and then Molly, Finny and I went to Staples for yet another round of school supplies.

Lucky Lukey had Noah’s bar mitzvah tonight. Saturday evening at the Fairmont. As you do. He got a Stroman jersey and a Champions visor. And lots and lots of candy. While he was dancing and shouting at his friends over music, Eric and I were meeting with Kevin over beer at Cactus. The standard Saturday 10:30 pm priorities meeting.

So if one of your son’s good friends is officially A MAN, should some of that manliness apply to our kid? Maybe we will wake up in the morning and find that he has made us a frittata and espresso.

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