Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Doing crafts with kids

There are two kinds of crafts you can do with kids:

1. Total Chaos.
The kids have complete control of crayons, markers, glue, sparkles etc. The end product is something you discard. You compliment them. You tell them you love it. You might even put it on the fridge...for, like, six hours. But make no mistake. You will throw it away. If you can even pry the gluey monstrosity off of the table in one piece (fairly unlikely).

2. Organized Chaos.
You have an idea of what you want the children to make. There may even be "instructions". You assemble the necessary equipment, possibly even requiring a trip to a store to purchase a specific colour of pipe cleaner. You try your hardest to massage the kids into following the "instructions". Then you will settle for fulfillment of modified instructions, then just one, one little instruction. Then you give up and make it yourself. And either tell them that they made it, or if all else fails, that you made it for them. Then you throw it away.

This observation is prompted by my attempt to do a "dry run" on valentines. I tried to see what would be most realistic to expect the girls to make themselves (the answer? none. none, none, none). I ambitiously embarked on a woven paper heart shaped basket. Not only could they not do it, I couldn't do it. It took me about an hour to finally coax together something like a woven paper heart shaped basket. And then I gave it to Finny and told her I made it just for her...

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mjk said...

Les, good for you for even trying, unfortunately Finny looks like she isn't buying it.