Monday, January 1, 2007

Christmas dinner...take 3?

In my family, turkey is king. While it is lovely to spend time with family and ponder the spirit of the holidays, the truth is that while I was growing up, my dad was probably primarily motivated to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the turkey feast that accompanies the celebrations. So, in the TRUE spirit of McKnight holiday, my mum is cooking another turkey dinner tonight. Why? Why not.

New Year's last night was really nice. We had a fondue over at my parents, then bizarrely left their place at about 11:30. We got home in time to shove the cranky kids into jammies and then listen to their over-tired cries as we watched the ball drop over Times Square. There was a little box in the top left corner of the screen that said LIVE, so I thought it was really nice of the good people in New York to re-gather three hours after their midnight to ring in the new year for the westcoast.

We have guests coming in from Germany this evening, so we will be hosting and tourguiding this week. Lucky us, we have the joy of taking our guests sightseeing in Vancouver. Imagine having company come to see you in Woonsocket, South Dakota. "And here is the Dairy Queen. Oh, you already saw that? Did we show you where Toothless Timmy the celebrity dentist lives? We did? So...I guess we're done. Thanks for visiting Woonsocket." Ahhh, thank goodness for the Aquarium.


mjk said...

Happy New Year to all the Butlers:

Les, just a quick comment regarding your description of small towns, we don't even have a Dairy Queen in Picton, only butter tarts. Try and go easy on us rural folks, we have to try harder.


Ericandles said...

I'll take the butter tarts over the Dairy Queen any day.