Thursday, January 25, 2007

the kid is smiling!

It is incredibly difficult to capture the fleeting smiles of a very little baby. The trick is that not only are they quite quick, you very much want to enjoy them when they come instead of chasing after a camera and seeing the whole thing from behind a lens. Then there is the added problem that most of the pictures that you actually do capture look pretty horrible and nothing (or very little) like the heart-squeezingly, devastatingly adorable face that makes your insides liquify, all queasy with love and worry and love and more love.

So kudos to mum, who managed to get this shot today while she was watching Lucas at her house. Certainly not the pinnacle of cuteness, but at least 4% of the way to how sweet his wee face actually is when he breaks out in joy.

We had a very nice day, spent skating and swimming with the girlies, then meeting mum and Luke for lunch. As days go, pretty lovely.

Other than that, not much is happening. Eric is working this overnight tonight, which consists of sleeping in fits and starts in a portable about two blocks from here. I might sit down and watch The Grizzly Man, which we just got from We started an urban compost system today, which I am optimistic about. And we just started getting organic fruits and vegetables delivered bi-weekly, which is great so far.

Oh, and on Monday, we enter week three with no washing machine. I have always been someone for whom piles of dirty, or at least worn, clothing accumulate all over. This habit has been compounded quite disasterously by having children (whose clothing coincidentally also exist in mountain formation). Apparently, exponential growth can be expected when washing shuts down. Who knew? Thank goodness my mother can be relied upon to do the wash...and deliver it back all folded, too. Maybe the washing machine will never be fixed...hmmmmm.

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