Monday, January 22, 2007

weird baby sleep

Any of you who have or have had babies in your daily life will know about the strange phenomenon that I am witnessing right now: the very creepy habit that little babies have of sleeping with their eyes either wide or partially open. Wee Lucas is asleep on the floor behind me (bizarre eye think aside, he's looking pretty darn adorable if I do say so...though you are no doubt aware that I have a biological predisposition to find him cute. Because, man, if I didn't, there would be no feedings in the middle of the night, no changing diapers filled with green-I-don't-know what-the-heck-that-is, no putting up with spit all over all of my shirts, no toleration of all the other...sorry, enough of that...). He is facing me. He is looking at/through me, all the while dreaming of whatever babies dream of: big, never emptying, milk-filled boobs, that's probably it.

We are hanging out at home today, enjoying a house made very quiet by the absence of the two girls. Molly and Finny are out with Eric's mom, Eric is at "work" (I will explain the quote marks another time, but let's just say I would happily trade jobs with Eric some days...) and Lucas and I are here.

Our weekend was nice and quiet too. One highlight was getting to see half of the taping of the CBC radio show "Go". I got tickets online to be part of the studio audience, which I was excited about since I listen to the show most Saturdays. I left all three kids with Eric at our friend Steve's place, watching hockey. When I say watching hockey, I actually mean that Eric was watching hockey, probably twisting Luke's head so he would watch too (who knows how osmosis works?) and the girls had the run of the rest of Steve's apartment, finding goodness knows what to play with. It's a pretty great guy who takes three kids to a friends place like that.

I went down to the CBC studios and met Paulina for the show. When we went into the studio, a producer asked us if we would mind asking a couple of pre-determined questions to one of the speakers during the live tape. We said sure. I was given the question, "In the REM song, End of the World, what Russian leader is mentioned?" When my turn came to ask the question...keep in mind this is live...the speaker hazarded a guess, then asked me if he was right. This was a question I had been given...I had no idea what the answer was. In short, I was made to look pretty silly on national radio. Blast that selfish producer. Humiliation aside, I enjoyed the show very much.

Oh, and on my way in, the guy putting money in the parking meter next to me thought I was 24. That was nice too. Oh, the kindness of strangers.

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Unknown said...

That's Brezhnev. Or however it's spelled. As in...

"Leonard Bernstein. Leonev, Brezhnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Banks" and so forth.