Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We've made our bed...

...and now we'll lie in it. We welcomed another new addition to our home today: our brand new king-size bed. We have three kids...all five of us really need to fit in a bed. Most of you reading this will know that the Butler/McKnight REALLY like their sleep. Even the little ones. Look at the disgusted expression on Molly and Finley's faces in that picture. They are just bummed the bed isn't for them. Since we are lazy/sleepy people, we sprang for the big bed. To give you an idea how big, you can see how little Lucas is lying there in the picture.

And to give you an idea of how not that small little Lucas is, we went to the doctor yesterday to give him the once over and make sure that he hasn't lost any fingers and/or toes since birth. In all honesty, that is about the extent of the medical examination. I suspect that I probably could have done away with a few of Lucas's smaller appendages without raising any suspicions. They do weigh the babies though. And Lucas was big.

Eric and I made a vow when we had children that we would not become percentile spouting weirdos like so many parents. But brace yourselves...I am about to do that which we promised we would not. WARNING: A percentile is coming.

Lucas is really big. He is in the 97 percentile for weight and head circumference. He's gained more than 1.5 kilos in the last four weeks. Porker.

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