Monday, February 4, 2008

E-One Word /One Onomatopoeia

Just shy of 14 months, Lucas has been making word-like sounds for quite a while. However, as somewhat skeptical parents, before Les or I are willing to classify any of these sounds as words, we need to see certain usage patterns. There has to be lots of repetition, it has to sound the same every time, and it has to be close to the English word we have taught him.

Under these strict criteria, Luke's first successful stab at speaking was actually an onomatopoeia. He consistently says "Wuuuh ,Wuuuuh" any time he sees a dog. However, considering that he is imitating the sound that dogs make, we're not sure whether this actually counts as his first word.

Which brings us to "buuuh". Lucas wobbles around our living room floor, which is littered with balls, saying "buuuh" everytime he picks one up. Clever little guy. Now if only he'd smarten up enough to stop chewing the foam ones, I'd be really happy.

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