Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Springy Sprung

On our walk from school to home this afternoon, we stumbled (almost trod) upon these rain-covered blooms. Pretty much as springy as it gets. I show you these pictures for two reasons: one, to gloat a bit that this is Vancouver, two, to say that these are by far the best photos I have EVER taken. I have been experimenting with the macro setting on our camera. Rain on flowers make for tantalizing subject matter. Hooray for spring and learning. And Timbits. Sorry, I just threw that one in there.

By the way, I just blew the top picture up on the screen here and turned to Eric, "hey, check out how gorgeous this is...". He responded with, "Yeah, technology is amazing". I guess I am not fooling anyone. I might not start the guest bathroom to darkroom conversion just yet...

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