Monday, February 4, 2008

On Baking and Puking

I will start with the baking. To mark the occasion of my brother's 25th birthday, the kids and I decided to BAKE HIM A CAKE. Not just bake him a cake but...bake him AS a cake. Here is the result:

Please note the brilliantly executed coloured sugar soul patch. I was pretty happy with the results. He, as you can probably surmise from his expression, he was less so. Somehow that makes it even better.

Lucas, jumping on the party train with gusto, was given his first ice cream cone. He. Was. Happy.

Happiness. Can. Be. Tiring.

Since then, maybe as punishment for my dessert mockery, I have been awash in vomit. Finny is down with the flu. She spent the day on the couch sipping Gatorade and slurping Jello. Her stoicism in the face of the flu is inspiring. The pile of laundry I have dealt with today is not.

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