Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On Being a Bird

Over dinner tonight, Molly, Finny and I discussed the pros and cons of being a baby bird. Now, before you ask, yes we were eating chicken. But before you make a cringe-y face and mentally chastise me for talking anthropomorphically about our dinner, you need to know that the topic was not raised because we were eating poultry. Rather, it was prompted by this incredibly delightful video made for an amazing (and slightly addictive) children's song. If only all kid's music was such a pleasure...anyway, the beautiful rainbow baby bird floating through the delicious animated landscape in the video caused Finny to blurt out that she wanted to be a baby bird. Both Molly and I protested "No!" at the exact same time. Then we looked at each, we were both so insistent.

I told Finny that I would never want her to be a baby bird because then I wouldn't be her mummy. (Insert short conversation about why humans cannot give birth to birds...I won't bore you with that discussion). Then I asked Molly why Finny shouldn't be a bird.

"Your reason was good Mumma, but mine is better. If Finny was a bird, she would have to eat worms. Worms would be yucky to eat."

I'll end this by saying that while Finny seemed to really weigh the worm thing quite carefully, I don't know if the "your mummy would be a bird stranger" swayed her all that much. I guess Molly was right. Her reason was better.

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Margaret McInnes said...

Heather place. I'm bookmarking you to keep in touch. Love the Pics!