Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day

Doesn't it feel like a stolen day? Almost like anything you get done on the 29th is bonus and cake icing-like. I think February 29th should be National No Library Fines Day. A complete freebie.

Spring continues to assert itself around here, and today it was another day of Spring Cleaning. Eric and I have been on a massive purge of late and innumerable bags of clothes, neglected toys and cluttery objects have been ordered out of our home at gunpoint. The new rule for the girls is NO DRESS-UP WITH REAL CLOTHES. Too bad they can't read, because written like that it seems clear I mean business. No more 15 outfits a day. We have a dress-up box...USE IT! Again, too bad they can't read because that also looks really serious. You don't mess with capital letters. We attacked (and I do mean attacked...I feel like I am engaged in an epic and mostly losing battle with mess. I am the underdog, so root for me please) the front hall, the laundry closet and the horrible-clothes-unfolding-monsters'-room. Here is a picture of Finny, glum at all the discarding...

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