Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentines and Apples

Sometimes I get urges to make things (uh, have you met my three children?). These needs to create come and go cyclically, I think. I, apparently, am in an upswing towards an apex (ahhhh, beware the valley below when we will all be eating Alphagetti and Velvetta) because there has been a whole lotta baking, cooking, crafting and knitting going on.

As I spend this evening cutting out 100 hearts for Molly's class valentines, it occurs to me that repetition is definitely the bummer of making things...cardstock hearts over and over and over again. Ugh. Plus, I am not 100% healthy, I don't think. There is no way to live in the germ soup I have been marinating in and not suffer some ill-effects.

Dinner tonight (such a cheat because it is really a dessert, or breakfast at best...a german apple pancake):

And to keep my hands warm (or at least one hand until I lose momentum and interest in completing the second one...that's ok, this glove can live with the other one whose mate I never finished) Also, note the ghetto knitting style: that is my earring I am using as a stitch marker:

And finally, I couldn't resist this picture of Lucas, which looks a lot like this one of the girls.

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Sarah P said...

Oh my god! I almost asked whether you knitted your gloves but they looked too good so I decided against it. Nice work!

I need more knitting friends. I have buckets of yarn and I have lost some of the inspiration...