Thursday, September 1, 2005

My first Blog

Seeing as I haven't yet seen a Blog, I will have to improvise. I am assuming that typing a little bit about recent events in our lives is an appropriate Blog-thing. I am very excited about just having passed my OFA level 3 exam and look forward to going down to Texas at the end of next week. It feels like a nice break to not have any studying for the first time since I started my Real Estate Licencing course last January. Well, I could be studying that but it wil have to wait until I am done my NFPA course. Life is going well and I am too busy to miss the basketball much. There is very little of me that longs to be going to training camp or worse, still looking for a good situation. I think I am getting out at a good time. I am passionately pursuing my firefighting and financial education goals and feel they are key to creating my ultimate vision for life. The family is great. The girls are a lot of fun and not too much trouble, all things considered. I know I will really miss these times some day in not too long. We really have so much freedom and so much time together. It will seem hard to believe in a couple of years when they are off at school and really envolved in extra-curricular activities and busy with friends. I will think back fondly to Molly and little Fin playing for hours on the carpet, or in the wagon, or in the bathtub. They really are sweet, good natured people. Les is handling the transition to life here in her usual, wonderful way. Everything just flows along for her and seems to fall into place. She is working for Sam lots, loving the work and doing a great job as a result. Although we still need to get the home better organized to make life easier for ourselves, it is in a good location and is a great place to spend time.

late night hello

going to bed...girls sleeping, we are toast...

Two little girls sitting on a car bed. Molly is on the left and Finley is on the right. Sweet girls (at least occasionally, which is enough for a mother to maintain complete adoration).