Monday, February 29, 2016

A Winter Walk, Sing-along and S'more fest

A sunny day in Winter seems like a true treasure. The girls and I dropped Lukey off at a birthday party and the sun was shining, so we had the scent of spring in our noses...what to do? I remembered a sign I had seen for a campfire in Pacific Spirit Park and we were in the 'hood. S'mores are always a good idea...

Look at that...! Using a hand visor even!

Does a camp fire count if it is in a can?
Next thing we knew, we were singing songs and Finny was even part of the presentation.

The sun wasn't high in the sky, but it was trying its best.

It's not often the girls and I have time to kill, so it was really nice to relax with them and sing a bit...made me think of camp.

There were sticks for marshmallows. After a lot of rules and little kids still running around hazardously with sharp sticks pointed at eye-level, we snacked and sunbathed.

When the campfire was winding down, we went for a walk in the woods. It wasn't long. It wasn't that sunny behind the trees (in fact, once we left the clearing with the fire, it got pretty cold). But it was fun.

Look at those faces!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sunshine Coast Victory!

Seasons in any sport have their ups and downs. Lukey's hockey season was no exception. The games he will look back on and cringe (Florida Panthers in Chicago!) even though he'd like to forget them...and the ones he'll replay in his head and never forget. 

The team's first playoff game in Tier 2 was against the Sunshine Coast and it was a tough battle. The teams are evenly matched and they have two great players. Our little AC team didn't beat them all season, but we arrived on the Sunshine Coast ready to play. 

Molly, Finny, Dad and I traveled over with Lukey. It makes for a terrific (but long) day. I handed the camera over to the girls when the game started. They got some great shots. 

Warm up

The girls did an awesome job capturing the action

The game went to double overtime before we finally got the win (on a great goal by Tanner). It was a huge boost for the team and boys were elated.

What a picture! This one went in, but look at that reach!

This one is my favourite picture because of the look of focus on Lukey's face

Super close shot...glove save!

They were so happy! Not pictured: the dog pile of joy!

After the big win, we went down to a great little restaurant right on the water in the marina in Gibsons. Parents, kids and coaches were all at one big table. Pitchers of beer and platters of food. Everything tastes better after a victory.