Saturday, October 19, 2019

Time flies...

Molly's birthday. Her 17th. How did this happen? It feels like just yesterday that Pidge and I were touring a brewery in Germany on Molly's first birthday (isn't that what every one year old MOST wants to do?). 

There is no more lovely 17 year old anywhere, I promise. She is the best. Quantifiably so.  

On her birthday morning, she played hooky and Lukey (who had a pro-d day) and I went down to Granville Island for some breakfast and chai lattes. 

We also peppered Moll with gifts throughout the day. One of her very first was the exercise ball chair that we found on our way home from dropping her off at school. Lukey and I were driving home and spotted it outside on the curb with a "free" sign. Awesome!! He snagged it and we wiped it off at home and put it in her room to surprise her.

Her very own street ball seat. She loved it...until she found out it was abandoned on the road. I am not sure it was her very favourite gift. It certainly made us laugh.

These were the pictures Finny picked to celebrate her sister's birthday on Instagram:

Meanwhile, it was onwards with Thanksgiving weekend. Saturday Lukey umped his very first game from the plate. He came back with $30 and the new knowledge that umping isn't as easy as he thought. And a little scarier...he trusts his own glove as a catcher a little bit more than he does some kid he's never laid eyes on before.

So, we will see if it makes him any more patient a more ump hate?

Does it get any cuter than this...?

Sunday, October 6, 2019


It's baseball playoffs. Last year, Lukey and my mum had a running bet that involved an exchange of apple picking (if Lukey lost) and fun-making (if Lukey won). They have reprised the wager this year. And since Lukey knows he doesn't have to fight anyone with a remote to be able to watch baseball (we only have one tv), he heads over to mum's because baseball is always on there. Mum makes awesome (and endless) snacks. He might move in.

Lukey's office for playoffs
Nice days are few and far between, so when the sun was shining on Saturday, we decided to make use of our family Van Dusen pass and go for a walk. Lukey elected to go to Gram's and walk baseball. Shocking!

It was a gorgeous day. Armed with Chai Tea Lattes, we ran races (don't talk about was contentious and Finny for sure would rather we either rematch or shut up about it) and timed maze escapes. Eric killed us...but Molly was second.

That's a good Saturday. Sunday Molly and Finny went to swim in the wave pool with Omi and Lukey and Eric had BCCBA games. I stayed home, worked, cooked, grocery shopped and cleaned up a bit. Also sort of peaceful and lovely.

And, now back to the weekly routine :)

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Fritter Friday

Mmmmm, everyone loved Fritter Friday. Except we made them on a Monday. Fritter Monday sounds lame. 

The new kitchen is inspiring. I am baking. And cooking. Even making little sour cream fritters!