Thursday, April 14, 2016

E- Autopilot

I've had my eye on an electric car for some time and nothing currently in the market comes close to a Tesla.  My biggest complaint after test-driving the P90 D with ludicrous mode is that I felt a bit queasy afterwards and my neck was definitely hurting the next day.  This experience does not happen in our non-turbo diesel VW van.

Our kids loved the experience and showed enough enthusiasm to get the salesman to offer us an overnight test-drive.  We decided to take Julia and Sam for a quick trip to Whistler in the Tesla.

The car was incredible. It took some a little while to trust the autopilot enough to give the computer complete control on the sea to sky highway...especially in the narrow, windy parts without divided highway. However, by the time we got to Squamish and I hadn't needed to touch the wheel or pedals, I felt pretty relaxed letting the car take control. 

The feeling I got reminded me of getting my first iPod touch in 2008. I returned it a couple of days after to upgrade to an iPhone. My only regret was I didn't buy enough Apple options  at the time.

The girls weren't too happy to have been left behind for the Whistler trip.  Getting to go to Mamma Mia a couple of days later more that made up for it in their minds.