Saturday, August 22, 2020

All BC All Summer

This pesky pandemic. Remember when we bought a summer cabin in Point Roberts, partly with the rationale that if it were close, we would use it a lot. Which has been true. I have said here before that I simply don't have the organizational fortitude to tackle two week trips to gulf island that require you to pack and take every single item you will possibly need for your whole holiday, including food (how do people do it?!). I am more of a, "shoot, I forgot half the things on my list for today's food...I'll be right back" kind of person. 

Point Roberts isn't quite as nice as a gulf island. But it isn't nearly as hard to manage. We spend a lot of time there and sometimes we even cross the border a few times a day: running home quickly, quick grocery trip, DQ trip...whatever!

So, we didn't see the pandemic coming. Or the border being closed for the whole summer. Crazy. No Point Roberts for us. Hello BC Summer!

We looked at the forecast and saw a pure heat coming up, so booked one night at Whistler at the Pan Pacific. We got up early and hit the road and also hit every lake we could find on our way up (and down).

The one issue with having an Inside BC summer is that so is everyone else. The parking lots for all the lakes were packed. 

But the beauty of most lakes is that you don't have to work too hard to find your own spot. Once you were on/in the water, it felt perfect. Even Lake Lucille, which has a 20 minute hike in, was jammed full. Crazy times. 

Lucky for our little family, this lady is always happy to stick with the car if that's what is needed. As always, a book is really all I need to be content. Therefore, there is no parking lot we can't conquer.

Plus, who could say no to these faces?

We got to Whistler and decided to go a little father and make the drive up to Pemberton. We hadn't been there in a long while and poked around the little town on a day that made it sparkle. I think Spuzzum would have looked delightful on that afternoon. 

We stopped for lunch at the little restaurant in the old train station and watch the paragliders float slowly through the sky. 

Even the water parks were fun in Pemberton. The only thing we noticed that we didn't really like was the number of mosquitos. In the middle of a super hot day? What the heck?

It was a great little break. Which is hilarious, because really, since the middle of March, we have hung out with each other NON STOP. Somehow, it is still working. If you can be super happy hanging out the same people months and months into uninterrupted family time, well, that's pretty incredible.  

The Pan Pacific was great. The location is perfect, the pool has an amazing view of the mountain (we sat on our computers and watched mountain bikers come down). The price was good, too.

We left the kids swimming (ahhh, the beauty of older kids who don't even require supervision when swimming!) and headed to the Dubh Lin downstairs for an evening drink. 

It was music night down there. Hilariously, the band was basically in a plastic bag. I don't know why they bothered putting them behind there, honestly. No one got anywhere near them (see the picture below) and it meant they looked like goldfish being taken home from a pet store. 

All the menus in Whistler were done by QR code. You took a picture and an online menu popped up. We went to El Furniture Warehouse one night...all food was $5.95. Crazy. 

More swimming in the morning. And a bit of walking around the village. 

The drive home was hot...see below for the 34 degrees at 3:00 mid-way down the highway. 

Normally, Point Roberts is our whole summer. As much as we miss it (and we really, really do), it is nice to get in a bit of time in other places.