Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Before you criticize...

...it's like I said before: I am out making memories and that takes time. Awhile ago (10 days, in fact), I declared the blogging gloves off. My dad asked me this evening if in fact the gloves weren't still very much on...and possibly impeding my typing? Hmm. Fair enough.

HOWEVER, Eric is basically retro-blogging. What is that, you ask? Choosing random past events and writing about them. Interesting? Maybe. Easy? Definitely. Cheating? Arguably, yes.

So, in the interests of timeliness, I will blog about today (Eric, take note). The kids and I dropped Eric off for his OFA exam (see post below) and then proceeded to Ikea. The corporate geniuses at Ikea headquarters have concocted a devious plan of luring mothers into their stores with free childminding, ice cream ,stickers, hot dogs, refills and devilishly good macaroni and cheese. Oh, and they sell...um...furniture or something? We spent almost three hours there. We didn't buy any furniture. We did however buy lots of other little things I had no idea I needed. Damn you corporate, Swedish Pied Pipers!

As an aside, while eating FREE frozen yogurt today, Molly ate about a third of a brown (I called it whole wheat) napkin. I noticed, but then hesitated to tell her because she can be a little sensitive (too bad for her that I am her mother...haha!). Kudos to that little girl. I pointed to her cone and informed Little Miss Eager Bite that she had consumed a hefty dose of serviette. She looked down and laughed, then said, "It's like I'm a goat!" Ha. We've read a couple of goat stories where wash gets eaten off the line and tires are washed down with gasoline. She embraced her inner goat-dom and showed her mother that I should not underestimate her ability to laugh at herself.

Since the girls were so good (having been drugged by those tiny little Ikea meatballs into some sort of hypnotic state of goodness), I promised them a trip to Science World. Off we went for a FULL day of science. It's a great place for the kids. Contained. Educational. Warm. Plus, I could watch the honey bees for hours. By myself. The girls are good for about forty-five seconds of bees.

Nearly a perfect day. We are all tuckered out...and don't worry, Lukey made it to a real bed!

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Cristina Herman said...

Les - HOW do you do IKEA and Science World with three kids???? Please tell me your secret... I can barely manage two!