Tuesday, June 19, 2007

E- Beers at Jaegers

It's kind of funny how life and circumstances change. Not so long ago we saw each other 7 days a week, took about 20 flights a year, worked out, studied, showered, partied and roomed together. Now, we have to make a big effort to drink a beer together once every couple of years.

On Friday Ken Morris, my team-mate for 3 seasons at UBC, came into town. John and Trixie, Gerald and Shelly and I met up with Ken for a couple of beers downtown. Ken may be losing some of his hair, but he's not losing his ability to talk. I have never met someone who can carry a conversation like Ken can. He has an amazing knack at being able to create an interesting conversation about any thing at any time. There's never an awkward silence when Ken's in the room. Considering he is one of the most competitive people I have ever met (he is still bitter about Mike Oord riding him like a bus in practice) and has a steel trap memory, I imagine he is a pretty intimidating lawyer. Here's a picture of Ken, Gerald and me about 75 pounds and 10 years ago.

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