Tuesday, June 19, 2007

E-Ode to Sakinaw

For 11 years our group of friends have invaded the Halls cabin for "The Sakinaw Bash"; a weekend of drinking, games, urinating in Jaquie's garden, bonfires, watching The Bulge streak (which took five minutes and involved too much hand shaking this year) and of course playing in the water. In fact, we have been going to Sakinaw regularly for 20 years, since the Halls originally piled almost a dozen 13 year old boys in the back of their big red van to spend a weekend in their one room cabin featuring no running water or electricity.

During those 20 years I have never stopped admiring and learning from the generosity shown by the Halls. There have been so many moments that would have driven most people to say "enough is enough" or "we can't take the risk" or "that's the last time I am having my flowers killed". And yet I have never even sensed irritation over our presence, let alone feeling unwelcome.

And the best part of the culture that the Halls have created at their cabin is that it is contagious. It didn't happen right away, or without having to use a chore-board for many years, but eventually everybody who came learned to pick up a broom, beer can or a dishtowel and pitch in to do their bit.

As a result, there have been many moments at Sakinaw Woods that just wouldn't have happened anywhere else. Here are some of my favorites:

Ted finally hooking up with a girl- and then marrying her
Holly and Les spanking on the hammock
Steve demonstrating his skills on his codpiece during the team cheer
Mardis Gras-there were too many moments to name
Mark avoiding a spinal injury while drunkenly stumbling off the bluff
Pete waking up and greeting my sister with "I love Mandy" Jiffy-Marked to his face
Mike's skill running the best ever Alazumba game
Mike's worry over losing all 10 chest hairs after he was dethroned in Alazumba

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