Saturday, June 23, 2007

E- Birthday overload

Finny is now 3 years old! It will be hard for her to forget her change of status after 3 days of celebration this week. The main reason for this deluge of partying is the proximity of Granddad Bryan's and third cousin Sally's birthdays. The bottom line however is that a lot of cake and fun were to be had. We picked Joey Vickery up at the airport on Wednesday and headed straight for Point Roberts. We spent some time driving around the Point and throwing a football on Maple Beach before we went for dinner at the McKnight's. We had steaks, Caesar salads, and ice cream cake as the warm evening sun set over the Strait of Georgia. The last rays hit our balcony around 9:15. On Thursday we spent most of the day hoping the rain would stop, and preparing regardless, for Finny's birthday beach barbecue. Apparently luck was on our side as the sun came out just in time for the party to start. Finny was pretty happy to be surrounded with friends, playing in the sand and eating hot dogs, chips and cake. It was a nice evening but I was disappointed to see our tax dollars wasted by 3 Vancouver Police cruising up and down the beach on ATVs. Our cooler full of cold beer managed to stay concealed but I couldn't help but think how stupid it is for anyone to harass responsible adults enjoying our beaches while areas of our town are crime ridden, drug infested wastelands.

Immediately after the party, Les had a bout of vertigo come on with a vengeance. Luckily for me, Rich Anderson had come back with us and was able to help me bring in all the goods from the party and help put the kids to bed. Fresh off a week of playing Kindergarten Cop, Rich had no problem getting the girls attention as he read them a bed time story.

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