Monday, June 18, 2007

We took the weekend off...

Sorry for those of you just warming up to Eric's and my big battle. We were temporarily pulled away from our computer. We went to the 11th annual Sakinaw Bash. The Bash is a (formerly) huge party hosted by our good friend Steve up at his cabin on the Sunshine Coast. The best description of the festivities is that it's an alcohol fueled elementary school sports day.

Eric has attended all 11 bashes. I am 9 for 11. I missed last year because I was quite pregnant and I missed 2004 because Finny was four days old. Every year has a theme and this year our theme was The Future. Sadly, it appears that there are fewer people in the future, or at least fewer Bash participants. It was a low numbers year: only 16. Down from the all-time high in 1998 of 74.

But the good news is that in the future...I am a winner! As team captain, I led my loyal followers to victory for the first time ever.

Some of our more responsible readers may be asking, where were your kids? An excellent question, since the Bash is no place for kids...or at least MOST kids. Lukey came with us, while the girls were well-taken care of by Eric's mother. Lucas had fun, but I had to tell him at the end of the weekend that it would be his last Bash for a, 20 years.

Here are a couple of pictures from our Mardi Gras Bash a few years ago:

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