Thursday, June 14, 2007

So far, we're tied

So, as has been noted by my father and his inflammatory emails, since our blustery words a couple of days ago, there haven't been all that many postings. In our defense (that's right, I am defending King Blog too), we were in Point Roberts. And contrary to some slanderous jotting, it didn't take me the better part of a century to stain a fence. And for the record, King Blog (let's just call him KB from now on) DID NOT complete even close to 80% of the steps he hyped up in his posting. Puh-lease.

We have also had another distraction around here. Celebrating the monumentally fantastic 100th birthday of my grandfather. My dad's dad is now a centenarian. Now if those aren't some great genes, I don't know what. And not only is he 100, he doesn't seem a day over 85 (not very often that's a compliment...). He is truly an inspiration in my life, reminding me that positivity, optimism and a sense of humour are the secret to good living. He has it down to a science.

We had a big tea reception to celebrate, a family reunion BBQ at my parents', a dinner on the actual evening and there was even a champagne toast yesterday. He did it up in style. Which is fitting because he is a stylish guy. Not to mention, he endured each event with aplomb and spunk. He even managed to heckle my dad through his entire birthday speech. Now there's a guy after my own heart. Cheers Grandad. See you in the morning's milk.

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