Thursday, June 14, 2007

E- Oscar, Sophie, Flower and Rex

How do you argue with someone who says America's Next Top Model is fantastic, but that she is not sitting around watching it? Is this person merely going on the review on Perez-Hilton? Having said this, my point was not that my wife spends all of her time watching trashy TV, but that she is currently spending none of her time blogging. I guess she proved me wrong by immediately posting her first entry in over a month (no Lesley, I do not count putting up a picture of you and Ruslana as an entry).

I will give my wife credit however, for the great job staining our fence in Point Roberts. In slightly less time that it took Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, my wife managed to get 80% of our fence stained. She did do a nice job! Meanwhile, I re-covered our stairs and collected a couple of tons of Maple. I guess I am a bit like a hunter however, who enjoys bringing in the prey but really doesn't want to deal with it afterwards. I now have about 5 seasons worth of fire wood on our property and very little of it is split or stacked.

The girls are great at entertaining themselves now and devise very elaborate games, which usually require our participation to some extent. Mostly, we are told our new names and positions in the game and then expected to stay in character. "Daddy, your name is Oscar and you're the grandpa. I am Sophie and this (pointing at Finny) is my daughter Flower and (pointing at Lucas)my dog Rex." The games tend to work pretty well though, because the girls stay entertained, and as long as I stay in character and answer to Oscar, there is no objection to me continuing to do my work. I guess it's just another example of the multi-tasking that seems so important to parenting.

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