Friday, June 15, 2007

E-first come first serve!

Here are a couple of pictures of Les' Grandad. The first is from the 1930's with John looking like a bad-ass biker in his leather gear.

This next picture is from 1997, on John's 90th birthday, with his late wife Sue. They seemed like such a great couple, which makes it all that much more amazing that John continues to have such a strong will to live in her absence.

And finally, last week John made it to his 100th birthday, cracking jokes and talking to guests for 4 hours. At the end he hopped out of his chair and walked back to his room, looking as spry as many of the guests 60 years younger.

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Ericandles said...

Great job Eric. You really are a much more prolific blogger than your Lesley! D