Monday, June 11, 2007

E-Single Blogger

So, I figure it's now about officially official. My wife has left this blogging team and I am now resigned to being a "Single Blogger". I kept up hope for a while that we could keep the blogging team together- but all that has faded now. I guess life just got to be too much for her to continue with an activity as trivial as..... leaving a record of the most meaningful moments and touching events in her family's life. It may sound important, but let's be honest...can any one's life really be as significant as which model Tyra is going to kick off the show this week? Obviously not! My apologies to any people who read this blog expecting to see Les' witty banter or insightful analysis of child rearing. You are now condemned to follow my more direct, play-by-play style reporting of the facts of our lives.

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