Monday, June 11, 2007


I cannot believe my husband would dare to write the post below. Single blogger my ass. A couple of measly, ill-begotten comments and he fancies himself Blog King.


I admit my posts have been a touch spotty lately. And for that I apologize. But hand over the creative reigns of this blog...I will not. As for his contention that I am sitting around watching ANTM (a FANTASTIC show, by the way), FALSE! If I am not recording these "meaningful moments"...might it be because I am out HAVING THEM? Then, after creating these "touching events", I am tired.

Plus, "blogging team together"? Please! Johnny-Come-Lately-Butler scribbles a few lines and now this is a group effort? Look through the posts, I beg you. Count them and see. Numbers don't lie.

And so now, husband-oh-mine...I throw down the gauntlet. Get out your speed typing mister. The challenge is set. In the next three weeks, lets just see who reigns supreme. It ain't gonna be pretty.

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