Friday, June 15, 2007

The fight is on (and the gloves are off...)

So here is my question...what kind of a jerk takes photographs of his wife's 100 year old grandfather (that I specifically emailed my brother to get) and publishes them on his own post? I mean, c'mon. First come first served? Geez. Want to hear the worst part? He scooped those pictures out of our email inbox while I was out with the kids. And he knew it. Low, huh?

So, how do I trump him? Get pictures of granddad on his actual 100th birthday. None of this "on his 90th birthday" garbage. How relevant is that? (Answer: not very...although the motorcycle picture basically rocks!)

Check it out:

Plus, how great does that 100 year old guy look? We should all be so lucky!

Also, a quick story from today. The girls were playing outside with some of the older kids in the co-op. They took out a snack but came back distressed when their crackers were eaten up by other girls. I gave them more and not 5 minutes later, they came running home with a tale of daring and bravery. They had defended their second batch of crackers through teamwork and a quick sprint. They were very pleased with themselves and declared Team Butler Girls were unbeatable. They were so chuffed, I had to take a picture:

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Darren Barefoot said...

I like the way Lukey's kind of poking his head out in the back of that second photo, like, "uh, hello, do I get some kind of honorary membership to Team Butler Girls? Is that a sister club for boys?"