Monday, August 13, 2007

Don't call me crabby!

I don't know about you, but I have a list (mostly in my head) of all the things I want to accomplish/experience/enjoy before I kick it. The list grows and grows, but I don't get that many opportunities to cross a life experience off. I was thrilled to draw a line through one while we were away: catching a crab and eating it all in one go. Success (except that witnessing the entire episode has most likely pushed Molly into the arms of vegetarianism...)!

Arthur, one of the multi-talented people working at Nascall Bay, helped me bait a crab trap with salmon and chicken. I tossed it out and waited a couple of hours, during which time Arthur gave me a quick lesson in the crab sexes. FYI, gobble up the guys 'cause Arthur explained they are fairly useless. Ha!

I pulled the traps and lo', there were four crabs lured into my tasty cage. It was like tossing a rope overboard and pulling up a fifty dollar bill. I checked the sexes of the crabs and discovered two girls, two boys (yum). I gentled pulled out the girls and stroked their sweet, little reproductive shells before tossing them back.

As I was tossing one of the females back, she grabbed my wrist. I freaked and this is the picture Eric got:

I don't know if she just really wanted to hang out a little longer...? The two guys were going in my pot. There is a single burner set up outside for the crabs, so I fired 'er up and got ready to be the reaper.

While we were waiting for the water to boil, I had a LONG conversation with Molly about meat eating. I guess it was a little too clear for her. I reassured her that she doesn't have to eat meat if she doesn't want. She finally decided she is a vegetarian who eats sausage. Fair enough, I guess. Not so much with Finny "me like crabs..." Butler.

Back to the business at hand. I sent my lovely girl inside to shield her from the sight of twitching limbs (by the way, I asked Arthur why that happens and he just looked at me and asked if I didn't think I would twitch in a vat of boiling water myself? Good point, I thought. Didn't really have a response for that one...).

I cooked those two guys and ate a whole one right away. The bigger one. Mmmmmm.

Interestingly, one was huge. The other was a good size, but he was missing both claws and two of his other legs. I figure I was just putting that guy out of his misery. Looks like someone was eating him piece by piece. I went one better and ate him in one go.

Wow. I sound barbaric. And I guess I was.

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