Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My little farmers market their wares...

On the weekend, the East Side Farmer's Market at Trout Lake hosted a special kids' market day. My friend Shannon and I decided to give the kids a lesson in commercial sales by operating a market stall. We bought flower pots, stickers, dirt and seeds. Then opened our instant "Create Your Own Fall Garden" stand. Kids were invited to decorate their pots, plant their seeds (pea or pumpkin) and then watch their plants grow. Or, in our case...bring the pot home and watch it dehydrate and die. I am known around here as a black thumb. In other words, our little townhouse is where plants go to die.

The event went well. The kids had fun and we broke even on our venture, with enough profits leftover for each of the four kids to buy a cookie. Hey, free cookie.

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