Wednesday, August 22, 2007

E-Entschuldigung. Ich habe nicht verstanden.

I went to the German Embassy today to get a form signed that I need in order to get my pension contributions returned to Canada. It's amazing how strong a feeling buildings can give off because something about that office totally felt like a a different country. I think it's the combination of design and furniture, smell, colour schemes and decorating that seems so familiar from the countless hours we spent registering for different things in offices throughout Germany. It was such a treat not to be forced to struggle through the process using my halting German. Dealing with this bureaucracy in another language is not something I will miss but the experience makes living here seem so easy and transparent. I laugh when I remember how difficult and confusing it seemed at the time, to have to deal with the Registrar's Office at UBC.

Afterwards, I had a quick workout and then joined Mike Hill, Steve Hall and Andrew Rennison for a round of golf at Eaglequest. It was a gorgeous afternoon and a fun team competition that Steve and I lost on the last hole when Andrew sunk a nice putt.

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