Monday, August 13, 2007

Reunion weekend cont'd

What felt like our 15 year high school re-union continued on Saturday night with Jay Bailey's Vancouver version of his wedding reception. It was a good excuse to get a lot of people out and to consume way too much alcohol.

On Sunday, after a slow morning, Les and I took the kids to Kevin Schultz' parents home for a party in the back yard. Coincidentally, given that it was a totally different crowd, we saw another 5 people from our grad class who we hadn't seen for many years. We spent 4 hours catching up with Kevin and Aneta, Mike and Robin, Jeremy Laker and Will Norton.

It was a really nice afternoon and made me feel that maybe, some people actually are having kids in this city. I also thought that, while it can't be too easy to get home when you are living Australia, at least you are guaranteed to bring out a crowd when you do get back.

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