Wednesday, August 8, 2007

E- Typing with my fingers crossed

On Saturday morning, after 3 days of great eating, soaking in hot springs, soaking up unspoiled nature and getting as close to total relaxation as is possible with 3 kids under 5, we were ready but sad to leave. We left Nascall at 10 am and drove pretty much straight through the day. The Chilcotin is big yet very scarcely populated country that seems like it is from another century. At 6pm we left the only highway (which has no lines and only about half of which is paved) and headed off on some back roads to find a campsite.

With the long weekend upon us, no cell phone coverage and not having seen a car for 15km, Murphy’s law dictated that it was time for our alternator belt to break. We kept surprisingly calm about our potentially troubling situation and worked as a team to figure out our next step. Through piecing together my elementary knowledge of cars with the owner’s manual, we figured that we weren’t likely to do any further damage to the van by driving out of our predicament. We were proven right (I am keeping my fingers crossed as I write this 500 kilometres from home) and ended up making it to a campground in William’s Lake just as the sun was setting.

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