Saturday, August 25, 2007

E- Hey Molly, I'll give you the drill if you give me the saw!

It's been a good week for multi-tasking and a sub-par one for sleep. By doing all night shifts, I have been able to work 72 hours this week and pretty much re-do a roof on our cottage. Bryan has been a great help to me.
However neither of us really know what we are doing, so there is a lot of guessing and consulting before we finally take the plunge on any one course of action. This has meant many hours on the job. Thankfully the kids are great at entertaining themselves. Les has taken them to the Point Roberts library, the park and the beach a few times. However, for the most part, the girls just entertain themselves. Here is a picture I found on the camera of Finny, playing one of her many games while I was working away on the roof.

This other picture is actually staged- as much freedom as we give the kids, we draw the line at playing with power tools. We are a bit old fashioned that way.

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