Saturday, August 18, 2007

E- The Point of no return

We make hundreds if not thousands of decisions every day. Most of these are fairly inconsequential and generally reversible, so they are easy to make. Others are not however, and it's pretty easy to agonize over them. One such decision that has being weighing on my mind is whether or not to try and fix my roof in Point Roberts by myself. It is very difficult to find a handyman to do the work down there and I am kind of looking forward to tackling the project myself anyways. Kind of looking forward to it, kind of dreading it. We have had a small leak in the roof of our house's addition. It is not catastrophic but isn't helping the integrity of the building in the long run either.

Unfortunately I have neither the experience to do it quickly nor the time to devote endless days puttering around and figuring things out. However, I reached the point of no return yesterday when I rounded up Les' Dad to help me rip off the existing roof. There's no going back now! The fact that there were slugs climbing around in the insulation was a pretty good indication that the roof needed to go= good decision. The fact that rain is forecasted for the next 3 days= bad decision. So far I'm batting 500 which isn't bad in baseball but sucks in the home building trade.

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