Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lucas on the move

Milestones. All mothers should record them, right? Or at least notice?

With three kids around here, they are lucky if I remember to feed and water them, let alone make special observations about their growth and development. It is a stereotype, but there is truth in every generalization: the third child is less monitored. There. That's the bitter reality.

The first child's every moment is chronicled and celebrated. The tiniest achievement is heralded as the most recent sign that THIS CHILD, THIS CHILD is destined for a greatness never before witnessed on this planet. Number three can be a self-taught concert pianist at eight months and I wouldn't even know he had ten fingers FOR SURE.

Having said that, I had guilt pangs a moment ago that I haven't even mentioned some of Lukey's recent milestones (aside from his most recent...he is currently wailing like a banshee at my feet...pretty good lungs...).

For instance:
-the child crawls...well, it's really more of a shimmy. Gets him where he needs to go.
-he sings all the time
-he is easily the smiley-est baby I have ever met. Seriously. The kids smiles A LOT.
-he climbs stairs...found that out the hard way, he was on the third step when I discovered him...see note above regarding intermittent feeding and watering--I don't have to watch out for their safety as well, do I?
-he is eating solids. I feed him baby food but he also scavenges scraps from under the table. I think Finny indirectly feeds him as much as I do. I suspect he has a healthy dose of "hunter-scavenger" in him. He seems to relish found food more than spoon-fed.

Well, there you go. Lucas in a nutshell (aaah, I'm in a nutshell...how did I get in here? How is there a nutshell this big!!!).

Guilt pang assuaged.

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