Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Finny is a BIG fan

A friend just sent us a picture of Finny and her buddy Sophia from the Writer's Festival. It was sent along by someone in the marketing department. The shot was captured while author Melanie Watt was taking questions. Melanie is the creator of Finny's favourite character, Scaredy Squirrel. If you don't know Scaredy, that's him on Finny's hand. She brought all five of her Scaredy Squirrel books for Melanie to sign, plus her puppet (also signed). It was like she was seeing a rock star...! Even if I have done nothing else right as a mother, the fact that Finny was this excited to meet a writer is a big success.

As an aside, Melanie took Finny's question. How can you not call on a kid holding up your character's puppet?

If you want to see more of Finny's Scaredy Squirrel pictures, you can look on Finny's blog. She writes it all herself.

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