Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thank You Santa

Dear Santa.

 I would just like to say thank you for all my great gifts. I love my playmobile. it is in the playmobile hospital so all the kids can learn. And my magic dough. I'm going to have to wait move in to our new hose to make it but I'm very excited to make it.

The tic tacs are very good. I have not yet tried the mentor but I will soon. I love all of my socks, but my favourite pair is the one with the manatee's on them. The chapstick is very nice and the marshmellow Santa looks very good too.

I also really liked the body wash. Do not worry I will make sure that I always put you'r star in the middle of the tree, so you can always see it. This Christmas was the best ever. I do not want this letter to be very long because I know you are very busy.

I hope you injured this Christmas as much as I did. And I also hope you are on vacation to get some rest. I'm already planning for next Christmas. I hope you had a happy new year too.

Love: Finny

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